identity, package & website

3D rendering: Jean-Pierre Chery

Refresh the branding of a well known product.

Tinkertoys is a nostalgic toy that people of all ages remember playing with. I've always enjoyed building things, so this toy was right up my alley. With today's competitive toy industry, I felt that Tinkertoy really needed to update its appearance to attract kids who may be lost to the tv.

The current packaging was basically a paint can with no handle, definitely not kid friendly. The aesthetics were stuck in the late 70s, but not in a good-retro way. Tinkertoys are designed for the preschool-young children demographic. However, the challenge was to appeal to the kids, and the parents who would be purchasing this toy for their child. My goal was to create an updated look for Tinkertoy that may attract another generation of builders.

An updated looked for a classic toy.

Kid-friendly packaging; just remove the label and you're ready to play!

Build It Big! is an online world where kids of all ages can build their creations, explore and download ideas and plans. There is also the option to buy the product from here.