smart car

ads, outdoor, brand strategy book & customizing website

Art Direction & Design: Leah Shea, Amy Honeycutt
Illustration: Tex Grubbs

Create a car campaign that relates with the consumer and does more than just show off the car.

Ok, let's be straight...the smart car (identified with lowercase) is a pretty odd looking vehicle compared to our jumbo, American SUVs. Looks aren't everything though. With the push of the smart car to American consumers, our strategy is aimed at zeroing in on the values of the new American - the desire for innovation, new experiences, and a new overall sense of convenience.

For the Introductory campaign, heritage is brought into play as a way of presenting the smart car to consumers. We created a friendly character, Wendell, who explains how each expectation the consumer may have is met, and how easily the smart car fits into your life.

Meet Wendell, our favorite new German transplant, and his smart car.

The print campaign features a series of ads that associate German objects with features of the smart car, bringing its heritage into play.

The customization option allows individuals to play up their own personalities and style, making the car just as unique as they are. Stop Traffic is an online promotion to incite the user to design the ultimate smart car. You Look Smart! is a feature that allows individuals to upload a photo and "smartify" themselves.