UPS Whiteboard & Demos

IQ Interactive (Atlanta)
Flash design & production

While attending Portfolio Center, I had the opportunity of working with a talented group of individuals at IQ Interactive. I was considered one of their designers, not just an intern. The majority of my time there was spent designing and producing work in Flash. Needless to say, my Flash skills improved immensely and sparked an interest to push my knowledge even further.

The UPS Interactive Tours and Demos were my primary responsibility while there. Working along with 3-4 other designers, we developed coherent transitions and styles from copy provided by the client. Each of us had our own sections of the projects that we were responsible for.

On the UPS Whiteboard account, I assisted with creating small animations and extensive QA. The entire company had a hand in Whiteboard - it was very exciting and rewarding feeling when the site was launched.

Sites I worked on:

UPS Internet Shipping
UPS Global Freight Services
UPS Whiteboard

Designing and producing in Flash

Final product